Meet The Team Behind Gmail Password Hacker

Since our inception a few years ago, we have had a single goal, that is to make Gmail password hacking feasible for as many people as possible. To that end, we have developed Gmail Password Hacker, an advanced yet at the same time simple to learn and use Gmail hacking tool capable of hacking into any Gmail account of its user’s choice at the click of a button.

To our satisfaction, our website and tool has empowered countless people to recover their own lost Gmail passwords among the countless other uses of our Gmail hacking tool. You can read some of the experiences our users had with Gmail Password Hacker by visiting our testimonials page. To find out more about the people behind this amazing hacking tool, read on!

The People Behind Gmail Password Hacker


Bruce C. Stoddard
Founder & Developer

Hack Gmail PasswordSince I can remember myself I had always been intrigued with cryptography and deciphering. This early interest turned itself into a career later on in life as head of IT departments at firms all across Europe. Enough about me, let’s talk about Gmail Password Hacker! I understood the need for an easy, fast and reliable Gmail hacking method once I lost access to my own Gmail account a few years ago. I did what most Gmail users would do, I tried to use the forgot password utility Gmail offers but it was of no help whatsoever. I decided to build my own Gmail hacking software and then proceed to share the tool with the rest of the world to help other people in a similar situation in dire need of Gmail password recovery. This is the story of Gmail Password Hacker’s birth. I combined my expertise with the rest of the team to release what is now often called by our users the “ultimate” Gmail hacking tool!

Richard T. Millet
Lead Developer

Hack Gmail AccountsBruce and I are friends for close to a decade. Our career paths have been quite similar. I also developed an interest in computer, programming and cryptography at a very early age which also turned into a career in information security. I’ve done my fair share of stints at various firms at high level positions and have made a name for myself in the industry. My involvement with Gmail Password Hacker came after Bruce shared with me his frustration in not being able to recover access to his lost Gmail account. All the ways to hack Gmail and techniques available at the time where of no help and we both realised there is a huge market out there to cater to people who are in need to recover their Gmail password through non-conventional means after everything else has failed. The result of that idea was a major breakthrough in Gmail hacking, Gmail Password Hacker! We are dedicated to helping as many people as possible to recover their Gmail passwords and escape all the frustration involved through our easy to use, click of a button, Gmail hacking solution. Cracking a Gmail password has never been easier than now!


Otis D. Metcalf
Head of Marketing & Technical Support

Gmail Hacking SoftwareUnlike the rest of the team, I don’t have a background in computers but in marketing. My involvement with Gmail Password Hacker came when I first tried the first releases of Gmail Password Hacker in order to hack into my wife’s Gmail account. I had long been suspicious that she was having an extra-marital affair. When Gmail Password Hacker actually secretly hacked her Gmail password and I was able to login into her account – which by the way confirmed my suspicions – I realised what a powerful tool Gmail hacking can be. It empowered a novice computer user like me to find out the truth about my wife’s infidelities within minutes. It took Gmail Password Hacker less than a couple of minutes to hack her password, there is no faster way to hack Gmail. I wanted to be part of this amazing project to empower people in similar situations like me in search to find out how to hack Gmail passwords, so I decided to email Bruce and Richard and ask them if a person of my expertise was required for the project, the rest is history! I am the person who will handle any technical support requests or issues you may face while trying to hack Gmail accounts.


By now you should already be hacking Gmail account passwords and not reading this website! To get started and hack Gmail for free, click on the download button on the right side of this page!