What To Do When Your Gmail Account Is Hacked

The purpose of this article isn’t to belabor on how awful the loss of access to one Gmail account can be, whether it’s because you’ve lost hundreds of family pictures of important work related files, the grief is still there and you need to do something about. That is exactly what were are going to explore here, what you should do when your Gmail account is hacked!


First Things First


Are you sure your Gmail account has been hacked? Because if it hasn’t it usually means that Gmail’s own forgotten password recovery feature might be of help to you if you’ve simply forgotten your password. If on the other hand, you actually got hacked, the first thing a hacker is going to do is change your security questions and answers making it impossible for Gmail to assist you in recovering access to your Gmail account because Gmail itself will not be able to verify you are the actual account owner! So what’s the next thing you should do if your Gmail account got hacked?


Hack Your Gmail Back!


If all official channels for lost Gmail password recovery have been exhausted you have only one option left, that is to resort to more unorthodox ways to get your Gmail account back! This can be accomplished through the use of Gmail hacking software designed to hack third party accounts but which in such cases can also be used to recover a Gmail password. One such Gmail hacking tool in particular is Gmail Password Hacker, available for free download from this very website. We have covered the features of Gmail Password Hacker extensively throughout this website so we urge you to browse around to find out more about what this amazing Gmail hacking application can do for you.


Get Your Gmail Account Back Today – For Free


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